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Meet Kristen

Founder of Salt City Community, Community Building Expert

On a frigid day in 1996, I exited my mothers womb..... Woah, sorry I went too far back.
I am a proud mom of two beautiful souls and wife to my soulmate. You can find me in the Wasatch Mountains or in my craft room (losing track of time). I am your biggest hype girl, your personal cheerleader, and your bestie on speed dial. I am a spirit leader.

Before starting my own business in 2018, I traveled the nation teaching at cheer camps for teenage girls for two years. After I settled down in central Utah, I started working as an event planner while getting my bachelors degree in Public Relations. I bounced around to different jobs in event marketing, but found myself working with clients on the side of my 9-to-5. In 2020, I took the leap to go full-time entrepreneur. 
When I found myself constantly drawn to other female entrepreneurs, I knew I needed to create a business that could help women succeed. Over two years ago I founded Salt City Community with zero members. Now we have over 500 women connecting, collaborating, and celebrating with each other.

Okay, now you're pretty much all caught up. Let's start this next phase of our journeys TOGETHER. We've got this.

It's time for women to start investing in themselves and showing up in their talents.

kristen paulsen

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